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SMA, week 4, recap

I’m late posting this week! It’s a holiday weekend (in the US, and we work for US companies), and apparently I’m lazy on holiday weekends.

This was a low key week. I didn’t go anywhere, but Jay went out on Saturday. He started his adventure by going out to breakfast in a small restaurant in Centro where he had a very American breakfast of waffles.

After that he wandered around Centro for a while and ran various errands. He spent a little time in Benito Juarez Park.

In the middle of the afternoon, he went up to the top of the Rosewood Hotel for a late lunch at Luna. The view was fantastic.

The food, of course, was even better. I can’t wait to go myself!

The rest of the week, as mentioned, was low key and normal. We’re still fighting the internet. We’ve been working all week to get an internet solution from MegaCable, but we’ve had problems with the router. Oh well, patience! We’ll get there.

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