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At lunch yesterday, I took a few minutes to meditate, and while I was meditating I asked for help with a project. In return I received a single word: Intention.

I thought about it during the afternoon. I think I was being asked to define my intention. It wasn’t enough to simply ask for something. I needed to express my intention. I don’t think it was as simple as my reason for asking for what I asked for. I think it was a greater scale than that.

I thought about what I asked for and why. I thought about how I would use that skill — and why. I thought about how it could change my life and how I could use it to change the lives of others. It took me some time to craft a statement that expressed it all fully. I’m not going to share the entire thing, but here is part of it as an example:

“My intention is to develop the very best writing skills I am capable of, and I will use them to create a business that will support my desired lifestyle, satisfy my heart and soul, and change the lives of people I touch.”

After I wrote my statement, I meditated again, and I read the statement out loud until I could say it convincingly from memory. Until I owned it. It *is* my intention. And now if I get pulled in a different direction, I can revisit my Intention statement and say, “No. That isn’t going to help me get where I want to be.”

A friend wrote a wonderful blog on SparkPeople this morning about the power of what we say, of what we give voice to. That reminded me of the concept of intention. My overall intention is important, but so is my intention for the day or even for a task. By giving voice to that I take ownership of it and of my behavior — and I ask the Universe to help me achieve it.

What is your intention?

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