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We made it to San Miguel de Allende!

I am exhausted, but we made it. The house is absolutely GORGEOUS — I’m absolutely in love with it.

We got here yesterday around lunchtime, and we were met by the property manager, Adriana. She gave us a tour, and I was impressed with absolutely everything. The house had been shut up for a while, and it was stuffy, which concerned me initially. We have opened the windows and turned on the fans, though, and it’s much more comfortable now.

After the tour, we called our friend Luis, and he and a friend came over to help us unload the trailer. After that I ran to the grocery store. It felt so good to drive without the trailer! I don’t think, though, that we’ll do a lot of driving here. The cobblestone streets will absolutely shake the car to pieces! I’d rather let taxis deal with that kind of wear and tear.

I go back to work tomorrow, so this is my one day to get settled. Luis and I went out together to run some errands this afternoon. What a godsend he is! He is bilingual and able to help me do things like get Mexican SIMs for our phones and arrange for fast internet.

Mexico is a cash-based economy, and that’s going to take some getting used to. We have some rather hefty getting-started expenses, and I had to get cash to pay them. Thank goodness there’s a safe in the house. We pay those expenses on Wednesday, so thankfully, we won’t have large amounts of cash for long. After that, it will be just what we need day-to-day.

I owe you pics of the house, but I’m tired. Later!

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