About Melissa Alexander

I’ve been critter-crazy since birth, and I wrote my first “novel” (27 whole pages!) when I was in third grade. It’s not surprising that I’ve spent the rest of my life pursuing, and frequently combining, those two passions.

In 1999, I “discovered” clicker training while doing pre-puppy research. I was hooked! A year later I and my friend Debbie Otero founded the ClickerSolutions mailing list and Web site, and a couple of years after that my book, Click for Joy!, was published by KPCT (then Sunshine Books). I have taught clicker training classes, given clicker training seminars across the country, and clicker trained chickens, dogs, and horses. 

I mostly retired from the clicker world in 2007, though I still maintain the ClickerSolutions Web site and check in on the mailing list when I can. My focus now is on my husband, my dogs, and my personal writing. I’m currently working on a novel I plan to have finished and subbed to agents in 2011.

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