We’re on our way!

We’re on our way to Mexico!

Friday didn’t go as smoothly as I’d planned, but we stayed flexible (and tried to be patient), and it all worked out.

The movers were supposed to be at the house by 8am. They were going to get all our remaining furniture and stuff out of the house (and transport it either to the donation site or dump), so the maids and carpet cleaners could do their thing. They, however, were down a truck and couldn’t get to us until 2pm. Panic!

Just then, our lawn guys arrived. We asked them if they would like to earn some extra cash. What lifesavers! They emptied out entire house into our yard, so the maids and carpet cleaners could work. They are not only fantastic lawn guys — truly — but fantastic people, as well.

The maids came on time, and did an amazing, thorough job. The carpet cleaners followed, and again, great people, great job. The movers showed up at 2:00, and made quick work of the load. (Honestly, I wasn’t mad at them. It wasn’t their fault!)

While the movers were working, I picked up the dogs and ran the final errands. We were on the road by 3:30.

Of course, 3:30 on Friday afternoon means we were sitting in traffic. Sigh. We pretended we were on Mexican time and tried to be patient. Fortunately, we were going only as far as Yelm (near Olympia) that evening.

We spent the night with our dear friend Leslie at her wonderful, remote cabin. Oh, I just loved her place! Horses and woods. I was ready to give up Mexico and just move in.

But we had places to be and people to say goodbye to. So early Saturday morning, we were off, heading south toward Portland. We met our friend Greta, and our friends Myella and Jason, at a diner/truck stop in Ridgefield for breakfast, then continued on to Hood River to say goodbye to Polo’s co-owner, Kari.

The stop in Hood River was a treat! We went to an off-leash park next to the river where her brood and ours got to have a wonderful time in the sand and water.

Jay snuggles with one of Kari’s girls

Isn’t Polo handsome?

The whole gang

After we said our goodbyes, we were on the road. We spent Saturday night in Pendleton, OR, and then today we drive to Salt Lake City.

Sadly, tomorrow Jay flies to Florida for a work-related class, and the dogs and I continue on without him. We’ll meet later in the week in Oklahoma City, and then do the final phase of the trip together.

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