Getting close: We leave July 28

We leave for Mexico in just over a week.

Oh my God.

We leave for Mexico in just over a week.

We’re making a final push to get rid of our stuff — and we’re doing well. We’re donating most of it, but a few “specialty” items, like my saddle, my dog grooming table, and Jay’s games, we’re taking the time to sell or rehome.

A friend’s son has been helping us move stuff. We’ve been loading it in the trailer, and then driving it to the donation sites. This gives me practice driving the trailer. I can tell you that driving a loaded trailer is MUCH easier than driving an empty one. I can also tell you that backing up sucks worms.

I have a motley to-do list for this week:

  • Sell my saddle, our pull-out sofa, and my Earth boxes
  • Wash and repair my teddy bear
  • Check on Rosa (my retired mustang mare)
  • Pick up my new eyeglasses
  • Meet my girlfriends for a final lunch
  • Make all final purchases and ensure they’ll be delivered somewhere we can get them
  • Box and inventory everything we’re taking with us
  • Return work equipment I don’t use
  • Stop all services at this house

Next Thursday, we send the dogs to the kennel overnight, and we pack the trailer. Friday morning the movers come at 8, followed by the maids at 9, and the carpet cleaners at noon. We hope to be on the road by the middle of the afternoon.

Wish us luck!

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