Week 1 check in

My challenge started on Dec. 1, so my starting weight is from a Thursday. From this point on, however, I will weigh on Saturday morning.

Weight loss this week: 5.2lbs

Since this was a 10-day period, that’s about half a pound per day. I really hope I can maintain that pace for a while!

The Good:

  • I succeeded! (That’s good enough on its own.)
  • I did 225 minutes of cardio on the treadmill.
  • I signed up with, and had my first two sessions with, a strength trainer.
  • I drank 10-14 cups of water every day.
  • No sugar, dairy, fruit, or grains, except on cheat day (required as part of Slow Carb).
  • Planned the menu ahead of time and made sure my husband cooked and kept the fridge full of food I could eat.

The Less Good:

  • Skipped my Crossfit workout on Sunday.
  • Struggled with a desire to stuff my face with food on Tuesday and then again on Wednesday evening. Both times turned to celery and (natural, no sugar added) peanut butter, which are allowed on the plan — but ate way too much.
  • Spent Saturday on my feet and had really sore muscles much of the week as a result. My Achilles tendon in my right foot was acting up too. These things combined to result in less-intense-than-I-wanted cardio sessions, especially Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • Need more veggies in the fridge.

I expected the desire to eat. I did Slow Carb back in February and March, and I remember that the first few weeks were really difficult. But I also remember that the longer I did it, the easier it was, which gives me hope for the future. I didn’t have significant cravings for any specific foods — no desperate cravings for brownies or French fries, for example.

Today is my Cheat Day, and yes, I’ve been looking forward to it. When I did Slow Carb back at the beginning of the year, I found that cheat day was super important during the first few weeks, but as I got the bad stuff out of my system, it held less and less importance. I’m hoping that’s true this time too!

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  1. Maggie says:

    Hey, you’re doing great. We’re talking major lifestyle changes here. Not only are you changing your diet, but adding excerise too. Goooo you! Give yourself a pat on the back.

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