(This was written back in March, but didn’t get posted. Sorry!)

Cute story from one of my workouts this week. Made me feel good anyway.

I work out with Jenny on Sunday and JR on Tuesday. This week, I told JR that I had benchpressed 120lbs (3 sets of 5) with Jenny. He decided he wanted to do one-arm dumbbell presses on the exercise ball. That means my shoulders are supported by the ball, but I have to support my hips using my core strength.

Okay, so the story:

JR looked at my bench press numbers and scrunched up his face. “35lbs, I think. 12 reps.”

I did the set, fairly easily.

He shook his head. “Going up to 40lbs on this next set.”

“Why do you do 12 reps?” I asked. I prefer sets with heavier weight and fewer reps, but JR usually has me work sets of 12.

“I don’t want 12. I want to give you enough weight that you fail at 8-10. But I ask for 12 in case you’re strong enough to do more.”

Makes sense. I did the next set with 40lbs. 12 reps.

He shook his head again. “Have you seen the movie “Unbreakable”?”

I grinned. “The scene with the benchpress?”

He nodded. “Where they can’t load up the bar enough to stop him?”

“Yeah, I’ve seen it.”

“That’s what this feels like. You’re unbreakable. Next set 45 for 10. Or do you want 50?”

I looked dubious at the thought of pushing 50 while supporting my core.

“45 for 10 or 50 for 8.”

“50 for 8,” I said. (I’ll take more weight for fewer reps any day!) I positioned myself on the ball, and he handed me the 50lb dumbbell.

JR giggled like a little boy with every rep. I pressed it a full 12 times on the right and 7 times on the left — then my core gave out. Not my chest. My core. “If I’d been on a bench, I’d have nailed the 12,” I told him.

“Do you know Bernard? He’s a competitive powerlifter. I can’t wait to tell him about you.”

“You want to tell him about your mutant client?”

“I want to tell him he has a new lifting buddy: Unbreakable.”

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