The winning pitch

Here is the pitch for Doubting River that was so favorably received at the conference:

Former runaway, Charm Freeman, returns to his old life in Nowheresville, MS, after his sister Marlie’s husband is killed in a car accident. Initially planning to fulfill his brotherly obligation then disappear for another twenty years, Charm reluctantly agrees to stay and help with Marlie’s injured son. The siblings¬†clash, however,¬†over how to best help the ten year old deal with the death of his father.

Before the accident, the boy and his father were training a neighbor’s retriever for a field trial. The boy desperately wants to fulfill his father’s dream, but his mother believes anything to do with the dog is a setup for heartache. The past belongs in the past; the way forward is forward. Against his sister’s wishes, Charm and the boy join together to turn an injured retriever into a champion, a journey that forces the family to face the issues that tore them apart, only to find salvation in the past they tried to forget.

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