Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’

The 2010 PNWA conference starts tomorrow. I didn’t final in their contest (but I did win the mainstream category of The Sandy), but that’s okay. I got good scores and comments on the novel excerpt. (Less impressed with their screenplay judges.) Contest or no contest, I’m looking forward to the conference. I had a great time last year, and this year my friend Sharon is going with me.

I’ll get to pitch to two agents and an editor while I’m there. I need to work on my pitch, though. So far I’ve never really gotten that *look*, that “oh wow” from it. (Maybe that means my book is crap!!) Hopefully I can improve it, because I really want to make the best of these pitches.

No, the book isn’t finished. It will be soon though, so hopefully that will be okay. I’m just thinking of these pitches as practice pitches… but I wish I’d gotten the manuscript completely finished.

Actually, I’m HOPING to take a trip south in the fall. If I do, I’d love to do a final revision and add some more-authentic southern flavor to this southern novel. I mean, I *am* southern, so it’s not like it’s inauthentic, but I’d still love to add that extra layer of realism.

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