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We interrupt this word count for an end of month update

(Unrelated aside: I finally figured out how to switch CSS styles in this version of DreamWeaver. Yay.)

In the middle of the month I thought there was no way I’d be able to finish an entry for the contest I wanted to enter. Well, when I started writing steadily, even at my snail pace, I was able to put one together after all. I finished up the first three chapters (about 10K words) and sent them to Sharon to critique. Then I planned to spend a couple of days this week expanding my synopsis. Turns out, though, that they extended the contest deadline until May 1, so I have time to rethink my approach if I want to.

One thing I know — I want to get back to the steady writing. Yes, I’m slower than molasses, but it was PROGRESS. If I can just keep going, I can get this thing done. My goal was going to be a Nanowrimo-style goal — lots of words, don’t worry about quality, edit when finished. I write slowly, and I edit a lot as I go, but I’m happy with what I produce. They aren’t “first draft” words, and really, I’m happy about that.

The nice thing is, I should be able to do roughly 1000 words a day OF MY KIND OF WORDS and still be finished and in final edits before the conference. Even if I’m a little behind that will be okay. I’m really liking what I’m writing! (And seriously — it pays to outline like I do!)

One final thing — Sharon is an AWESOME editor. Seriously awesome. I’m really lucky that she’s willing to critique my stuff.

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Word count

  • Starting word count, 3/20: 5975
  • Ending word count, 3/20: 7127
  • Total for Saturday: 1152
  • Ending word count, 3/21: 7244
  • Total for Sunday: 117 (Don’t judge me! I’m happy with them.)
  • Ending word count, 3/22: 7589
  • Total for Monday: 345 (Happy with these too — and it’s a work day.)
  • Ending word count, 3/23: 8241
  • Total for Tuesday: 652
  • Ending word count, 3/24: 8457
  • Total word count for Wednesday: 216
  • Ending word count, 3/27: 8932
  • Total word count for Saturday: 475
  • Ending word count, 3/28: 9605
  • Total word count for Sunday: 673
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Updated goal

Okay, that goal for March? Uh… didn’t happen. Not even almost. Not going to be entering that contest. Sigh. I haven’t been working on my novel at all this month! But that’s going to change.

Tomorrow is the Spring Equinox and Ostara, a time of change and renewal. That seems a perfect time to jump back into writing. I think I’ll try a NaNoWriMo kind of month — 30 days of right-brain writing, no editing. I’ll set my goal to 50,000 word for the 30-day period, which is roughly 1650 words per day. I’ll aim for 2,000 words a day, which will enable me to have the occasional day off.

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Goal for March

I thought about this last night. I want to enter the “William Faulkner ~ William Wisdom Creative Writing Competition,” for which entries are due on April 1. I would enter category three, “Novel-In-Progress,” which requires a submission of the first 50 pages plus a synopsis.

To do so means I can neither NaNoWriMo nor write-without-editing during the month of March, because these pages will need to be perfect. So I’ll have to plan to do one or both of those exercises in April.

My task then, before this evening, is to decide how I will proceed for the rest of this month. Shall I try to “right brain” my way to roughly page 50, and then go back and edit? Or shall I set a page goal of moving forward by one perfect page each day until I have the 50 page entry complete? I have a short synopsis complete already, but I think I’d like to have a more detailed one finished by the end of this month as well, even if I decide not to use it as part of the contest entry.

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