Training update

Shocking, I know, but I actually have been training Pflouff. I’ve worked on some behaviors more than others — a few I haven’t even started, actually. I’m mostly emphasizing the behaviors that we’ll be doing in class.

So some updates:

Targeting with nose — Accomplished first goal. New goal: The dog touches the marked end of a touch stick with his nose with only one voice cue.

Targeting with paw — Haven’t started. (Need to get target!)

Recall — Believe it or not, I haven’t started this. Bad trainer! I told Jay that every time he takes a break today, we HAVE to do some puppy recalls. They are way too important to ignore.

Sit — I’ve done a little with this, but not much. Most of her sit training was done by Jenni. I use it mostly for polite greetings, before opening the crate, or before putting down the food bowl. I need to work on a formal sit and get it on verbal cue and hand signal, but I just haven’t done so. Sit has a tendency to get overworked and turn into a behavior-halting default behavior — annoying during training sessions — so I’m swinging to the other end of the spectrum and ignoring it.

Down — I’m working on this. I prefer to teach a foldback down from a stand initially. I don’t want to teach a down from a sit until Pflouff has good cue discrimination between sit and drop.

Walk at my side — The goal for this one is different from the method used in my puppy class. I’ve done more with the puppy class method since that’s what will be requested of her over the next few weeks.

Name recognition/Attention — Accomplished first goal. New goal: The dog finds partner’s face and holds eye contact for 10 seconds with no more than two voice cues. No body language or touching other than looking at the dog.

Retrieve — Accomplished first goal. New goal: The dog takes and holds two objects in his mouth (one at a time), one of them metal.

Grooming / Nail clipping / Husbandry and conformation stack — I worked on this one time and didn’t review my goal before doing so. I totally jumped ahead and rushed her, and we both ended up frustrated. So I’m starting this one over!

Crate training — I haven’t worked on this behavior formally. She sleeps in a crate, and she willingly walks in on her own, both at the beginning of the night and after pottying during the night. I need to test it during the day though. I think Jenni already trained it though.

Stay on a mat — This behavior is so much fun! We’ve done three sessions, I think, and she’ll run over to the mat and plop her little butt into a sit. So CUTE. I haven’t increased distance to five feet though, so the first goal hasn’t been accomplished yet.

Scent work — Haven’t started.

Zen — Just started this one yesterday, but it’s definitely coming along!

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