Husband brag

I have to rave about what an incredible husband I have. I don’t do that nearly often enough, but he truly is the absolute best husband in the world.

You know what he did for me yesterday?

First, when Pflouff whined to go out yesterday morning, he offered to get up and take dogs out and feed them. (I declined that one, because feeding the beasties is a little tricky right now, because Pflouff is still learning the routine.)

After breakfast, I took Pflouff into the basement to train and entertain her. When I got there, know what I found? The CUTEST, SWEETEST card — absolutely apropos of nothing. It was absolutely perfect for us too.

Next… Jay and I were supposed to do some work in the barn, and my plan was to turn Pflouff out in the yard while we did that. Jay got up and went out to the barn without telling me. He got it almost all done before I even knew he was out there!

Then he did the laundry. And the dishes.

And THEN he took over puppy watching duties so I could have a couple hours of puppy-free sleep.

I am, without any exaggeration, the most blessed person in the world — for many reasons. But my wonderful husband tops the list. I don’t deserve someone as amazing as he is, but I’m grateful every day that I have him. I love him dearly.

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