Deep breath… breathe

Yesterday was tough. Nothing actually went wrong, but it was one of those really long days where it was run, run, run from one thing to another. TenTen had to spend quite a bit of time in her crate in the afternoon as I ran from appointment to appointment, and she was really tired of it by the end. I gave her chewies, but they weren’t enough to satisfy all that puppy energy.

I worked all morning, ran to appointments all afternoon, and finally got home about five thirty. Everybody’s dinner was late, and trying to get everyone pottied and fed without letting Pax and Aslan interact was stressful. Again, nothing actually went WRONG — which I’m grateful for — but I was stressed and exhausted by the time it was over.

I didn’t get a chance to eat until I was done with all that either. My first meal of the day was at 6. Heck, I hadn’t even had anything to DRINK before that yesterday.

Jay and I were supposed to work in the barn yesterday evening, but I was too wiped out. I asked him to stay in the den and help me entertain TenTen. She deserved some serious attention after being such a trouper all day.

Work has really cut into my time with her. I’ve really not even had a chance to start training her! Heck, if every day were like yesterday, this would be the least trained dog on the planet. She barely even knows her name!

Speaking of, I’ve got to give up this “TenTen” or “Tennyson” pretext. Yes, that’s the name on forms I fill out, and I certainly intended it to be her name, but her name is Floofer. Or, as I spell it, Pflouffer. (My friend Debi thinks it should be Pflouxffer.) Even Jay is calling her Pflouff now.

So Miss Pflouffer is at daycare for the first time today. I consider one-day-a-week in doggie daycare to be a survival necessity — for me! It’s Mother’s Day Out. Granted, I’m just working as usual, but it’s a chance for me to destress, rest, eat regular meals, and get some things done.

It’s a chance for Pax and Aslan to destress too. They’ve been in “General Population” — meaning they’re not separated from one another — all day, and things are going fine. They’re mostly choosing to ignore one another. I’ll go back to separating them when Pflouff comes home tonight, because I don’t want Aslan to get over-stressed.

I need to use today to make a training plan for Miss Pflouff. It’s clear that I’m going to have a busy schedule, so I’m going to have to have an easily-followed game plan.

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