Daycare report

Pflouffer spent the day at Great Dog Daycare in Seattle yesterday. It was an evaluation day for her, so she got lots of one-on-one attention. They give a fun little written summary at the end of the evaluation day. Hers says that she:

  • played with other dogs, especially Luigi, Zoe, Misty, and Booker,
  • played with people, especially Kristin and Catlin Jo,
  • played with toys,
  • snuggled on the couch,
  • had lunch (ate most, and threw the rest around her crate),
  • drank water,
  • took a nap,
  • went potty, and
  • was reserved.

The latter surprised me. They said that she “kept close to humans at first. As the day went on, her confidence grew, and she made some new dog friends too.”

At first I chalked it up to being dropped off at a strange place, but then I remembered that she had gotten vaccs the day before. She may simply have not been feeling all that well in the morning. If I had a brain, I wouldn’t have gotten her shots the day before daycare — especially her first day of daycare. It’s way too common for dogs to feel crappy the day after they get their vaccinations.

Other behaviors they noted during the days were:

  • Cautious
  • Observer
  • Interested in other dogs
  • Good play skills

They have a scale from 1 – 10 to rate how much she enjoyed the experience. 1 means she didn’t like it. 10 means she loved every minute of it. They said she started at a 7 and increased through the day.

Final comment: “She’s a very sweet girl, and all the staff LOVE her! She’s do wonderfully here! Towards the end of the day and after she had her afternoon nap, she really got into playing. She is SO cute to watch!”

Jay picked her up and bought a ton of new stuff, including a fuschia colored collar and leash. (She’s stylin’!) She crashed hard on the way home, and was over-tired and therefore totally wild when she got home. It was 9:00 before she was ready to cash it in for the night, but when she did, she was out like a light.

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