Bad parenting moment

Oy – had a bad parenting moment. I vacc’d her on Wednesday and sent her to daycare on Thursday. Probably not the best choice. But then followed that on Friday with ANOTHER change in her diet. (She wasn’t loving the boys’ kibble, so I decided to try Solid Gold’s large breed puppy food.) I didn’t even THINK about what that would do to her system. We went to bed last night, and she started crying – very unusual. Then she sat up and threw up. Then she had diarrhea off and on the rest of the night.

POOR BABY. You could hear her little gut gurgling. She was soooo good though. She told me clearly every time she had to go, so there was never a mistake in the crate. (She also almost convinced me to let her sleep on the bed with me, but I resisted.) She still had the last dregs of the issue this morning, but she ate and drank normally, and her energy is up. Bad mama!! Bad, bad!!

Jay had his own bad parenting moment. Sweet man picked up new toys for the Pflouffer…. Two new toys. In a house with three dogs. This did not go well. Poor Aslan was HEARTBROKEN. I felt terribly guilty letting Pax and Pflouff play with them in the basement, but I needed the distraction.

We need to do something special with Aslan. He has been really good and trying really hard. Everyone mixes off and on (like when Pflouff goes out to potty), and he has been great. The one thing I can’t let him do, though, is sleep in the bedroom. There’s just too much coming and going, and that sets off his guarding issues. I feel horrible gating him out, even though I know it’s the right choice. (He isn’t suffering, mind you. He sleeps on the guest bed when he’s not in our room. He has more room than ANY of us!)

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