Snips and snails and puppy dog tales

I went round and round with myself about breeding Pax, and then finally talked to Pax’s breeder, Cathy Lew, about it. She knew Chelsea and said it was a super match. Oh. Well, good. Then let’s give it a try!

Unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be. Pax failed his CERF exam. The ophthalmalogist found a punctate cataract in his right eye. It’s not serious — and may not even be hereditary — but I’m not going to breed him, just the same. So no nookie for Pax.

That disappointed me. I would have loved to have a Pax baby. So I talked to Cathy Lew again. I can’t have a Pax baby, obviously, but maybe a Pax niece or nephew. She’s planning to breed Pax’s littermate, Moxie, one more time later this spring. That would mean a fall puppy — just like I wanted!

So does that mean no Newfie puppy? <cough> Well, no. We still want a Newf. The breeder we had hoped to get a pup from had a waiting list so long that she is no longer taking reservations, so we did some research and tentatively decided to get a puppy from Betty McDonnell in New Jersey. She’s working on her 20th UD title right now — proof that she values performance in her Newfs.

So… twins? We’ll still have to see. Neither breeder has a litter on the ground yet. It’s possible that one or both won’t have a litter this summer. We’ll just have to see what happens. I know what I’m hoping for though…!

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